Edurne Herrán

I, Culture - Madrid / Matadero Madrid (7-2011)

I took part in the I, CULTURE Madrid experience. I, CULTURE is an international art project created in collaboration with fashion designer and artist MONIKA JAKUBIAK and is aimed at engaging audience participation.
I was one of a team of fifteen or so volunteers who came together to assist in the spreading of craft appreciation. Our aim was to examine the role of craft in contemporary culture through research and workshops, to be presented as part of an organised public event.
We presented our research and discussed our personal views on ‘what we can leave behind for our descendants as an example of a common or popular modern craft’. We then spent the rest of the two days making things and sharing skills.

Learning how to sew...

My creations

Margarita & her creations


Ana (Hola Por Qué) & Margarita

Day 3 was spent at Matadero-Madrid as part of the program of summer events. We demonstrated our craft skills and make things for curious members of the public. We had discussions with visitors regarding their views of craft in society and asked them to vote for which craft they’d most like to see preserved for the future.
Many of the visitors expressed a positive change in their attitude towards craft, particularly sewing, once they’d seen first hand the amount of work and patience that is required to making something. I’m personally interested in encouraging more men and boys to sew. I believe that this event may be responsible for an increased appreciation of craft amongst many of the visitors during the weekend. Some lucky visitors even went home with a lovely handmade gift!