Edurne Herrán


(EN) Edurne Herrán (Ingolstadt-Donau, Germany, 1978) studied in Bilbao, Berlin and Madrid. She has a degree in Fine Arts (UPVEHU, Bilbao) and several additional master’s degrees in Art Research and Creation (UCM Madrid), Cultural Management (UC3M, Madrid) and Contemporary Photography and Personal Projects (EFTI, Madrid). Also she studied Costume Design and Textil Art.

She lives and works in Madrid and her work is directly connected to everyday life, encounters and communication between individuals. Public participation is what provides meaning to much of her work  and endows it with a performance nature. She is interested in textile materials and clothing understood as a social code and powerful receptacle of communicative symbols. She is aware of how new technologies and the Internet catalyse and magnify emotional states and uses these new social systems and communication dynamics to contextualise her ideas.