Edurne Herrán

Arachne 2.0

Arachne 2.0, © Edurne Herrán, 2016

Arachne 2.0 (detail)

(EN) In Greek mythology, Arachne was a weaver who challenged Athena (goddess of wisdom and crafts), and was consequently transformed into a spider. One version of the myth has it that she was particularly skilled at weaving. Boasting about her skill, she infuriated Athena, who contested her. Athena weaved four scenes in which the gods punished those humans that considered themselves equal to gods and displayed excessive pride; Arachne, on the other hand, weaved twenty two scenes in which gods (disguised as animals) had misled and abused mortals, particularly Zeus, by tricking and seducing many women. Arachne’s work was clearly better than Athena’s; the goddess even more enraged due to what the weaving depicted, transformed Arachne into a spider and condemning her to weave for eternity. My version of this myth is a mix of threads and crafts, social networks, video games and technology. Zeus is represented by Supermario, Arachne is represented by Spiderman (and a large spider) and Gods are the Emoji-animals of Whatsapp.The tapestries, like emojis, were created to add warmth (the former for walls and the latter for texts). I introduce technology and upgrade the tradition: in this interactive piece, the qr code redirects to the Wikipedia entry of the myth of Arachne and to my personal website. After many hours of intense weaving, some might refer to me as ‘Arachne Herrán’, although I was never much of a competitor.